Knights of Mayhem
It looks like the National Geographic Channel beat the History Channel in the race for the first jousting reality show. The History Channel is currently producing Full Metal Jousting set to air in 2012. Knights of Mayhem, produced by the National Geographic Channel, airs the first two episodes this Tuesday, 15 November at 2100 EST.

Charlie Andrews is the founder of the Knights of Mayhem and the co-founder of the Ultimate Jousting Championship. He is also the current world champion of the UJC.

Here is a synopsis of the Knights of Mayhem

Will full-contact professional jousting be the next extreme sport? For some, it is a real-life passion and thrives outside of the movies and Renaissance fairs. Charlie Andrews leads the “Knights of Mayhem,” a group of modern-day Lancelots and Galahads dedicated to transforming this medieval sport from a staged act to a professional sports phenomenon that will sweep the globe. For these “knights,” jousting is no dinner show. Donning 130 pounds of steel armor, they mount 2,000-pound horses and charge at each other with solid hemlock lances at speeds up to 30-mph, while peering through a quarter-inch eye slot in their helmets. When lance and knight collide, riders struggle to control their horses and absorb devastating impacts with potential for concussions, broken bones and far worse.

What are your thoughts? Are you going to be watching Knights of Mayhem?

Knights of Mayhem

Jousting Battlefield

Stay tuned for updates from the Knights of Mayhem.



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Comments 30

  1. ONE WHO CARES says:

    charlie andrews (a.k.a. robert charles mason) has made his life around being an ex combat navy seal
    ALL LIES check it out on the web or navy records.
    nat geo new this yet aired the show anyway, with the outlook we just want to make money.
    Tell that to the family’s of real fallen vet’s.
    Shame on all the people who support charlie


  2. D says:

    This show sucks! You are a world champion jouster? What world are you jousting in when there are only five competitors that all train together. Such a joke and your a fake Navy Seal and NAT GEO supports this garbage. Sell your horse and armor and join the service and do something with your fake machismo personality.

  3. Another One Who Knows says:

    {Comment deleted for defamatory statements} ~ The Archivist

  4. Emily Darrow says:

    It’s also done wrong, the only thing they have right is horses and long pole. From the start they are running on the wrongs side. Remember the Brits drive on the left which was traditional FROM jousting. An Engraving showing which side they fought

  5. cc says:

    I thought I had seen the dumbest thing ever in “Reality TV” when the Pig hunting shows emerged. Well this is as bad if not worse. Horrible show and a very lame idea for a “Sport” I wouldn’t pay a dime to watch this garbage.

    I like Natgeo but wont be watching this crap.

  6. FluffyBunny says:

    Lots of haters. Also lots of static all over the net from the same two or three people about Charlie and the Seals. You self-righteous boy scouts need to understand that you sound half hysterical and aren’t convincing anybody. You wanna call Charlie a loser? He has a series on Nat Geo and you don’t, so shut up.

  7. SAW IT says:

    Watch the episode “threat to the throne” around 12 minutes in and you will see that they drill holes in the poles to weaken them. BUSTED!

  8. Eidna says:

    This show is such a joke. World Champion? Of what 5 guys? I think most of them are middle aged fat beer gutted losers and this is all they can do to make themselves feel cool. Someone tell the younger guys to quit now to avoid being complete losers. The one guy needs to stick to fighting. Pathetic!

  9. Rick P says:

    I concur with the previous post. Those lances are drilled. Charlie is a fake. I jousted full contact in the UK. They are using prepared drilled dowl rods. Drilled lances break easily. Real wooden lances are tuned and contoured so you can properly couch it under your arm. His team are also inexperienced horsemen. No wonder he beats them. Charlie Andrews is a fake SEAL and a fake full contact jouster.

  10. Panda Englerth says:

    Patrick Lambke rode an Andulusian he couldn’t control, endangering the horse. I estimated that the entire tournament could not have enough money to buy that horse. All for a $1000 prize? For a guy who was trying to mount it with from an aluminum kitchen stool? This appeared to be more of a staged feud as well. I found the joust entertaining, and the audience probably had a good time, but Nat Geo gave it “overblown” coverage. I’d like to see jousting become a sport. Maybe this is where it starts so it can become real.

  11. Emily says:

    As an armchair historian and historical recreationist, I watch the show to get a perspective on a game I don’t play. I recently spoke with a gentleman who produces armor for this sport. He personally knows Charlie, Patrick and Jason. I’m told that if anything, they edited a lot of the jerk OUT of Charlie and that Patrick is actually a very polite and soft-spoken person. I get that NatGeo has to produce a show that gets ratings. I only hope that it doesn’t hurt jousting in this country, or the game that I play.

    As just a show? I enjoy it. Many things mass produced these days that have to do with history are wrong. But if it gets people interested in history, I’m all for it. Those of us who know will teach people what actually happened.

  12. Linda Castle says:

    I do watch the show with family members. I like it, but could do without the mouth and attitude of Charlie. Pat Lambke is quieter, more humble. If you are good, you don’t need to tell the world; the world will tell you. Keep the show coming, but let us see other men besides Charlie the mouth.

  13. Paul says:

    After watching the Series Finale, I found Charlies antics to be juvenile at best. I get it, you had a contract with the guy for the horses. Enough said, but to sit there and laugh at Patrick, I mean SERIOUSLY? Thats stuff you outgrow in high school. As a career military man AND a professional Horseman, I would personally not want to hang out with Sir Charles. That said, I wish the sport the best, it is quite entertaining, and I think has some growth potential as who DOSNT like a good joust?

  14. ONE WHO CARES MORE says:

    Excellent show and I hope the show continues as wll as the Full Metal Jousting show that the H itory Channel is producing, For the Haters out there take a pill!

  15. ONE WHO CARES MORE says:

    {Comment deleted for abusive language and obscenities} ~ The Archivist

  16. Windwalker says:

    I find FMJ far superior to KoM to be honest. The biggest thing that turned me off KoM was Charlie and his attitude and the only thing that I think keeps many watching is hoping he will lose.

  17. Archivist says:

    @windwalker Charlie was abrasive to say the least. I think FMJ plays better as a competition show rather than a docu-drama that KoM tried to be.

  18. patriot1a says:

    They did not show the control and professionalism on patrick…the horse and him unhorsed 4 jousters and all under control of patrick, he is a fantastic trainer and jouster……not seen to the public

  19. ChieftanWarrior says:

    I’ve watched the FMJ once and was not impressed. Their armour look as though they just stepped out of an anime cartoon. and in a jousting competition I think that any of the knights of Mayhem would win against the full metal jousters (mostly due to their size difference). The FMJ appeared to be smaller and come from back gounds such as horse jumping etc. The KoM come appear to come from fighting back grounds and if I had the $$ and the skill I would would certainly Join the KoM 

  20. Charlie Andrews says:

    well sir come and Joust with me and you can find out for yourself just how fake i am !!!

  21. Charlie Andrews says:

    Come and joust with me sir you can find out how fake the lances and i am first hand !!!

  22. Charlie Andrews says:

    Really you Sir are a coward !!!! you say you have trained with me at one of our local MMA gyms yet you have never spoken to me to my face !!!  you talk big on here without using your name what a tough guy ……..

  23. Charlie Andrews says:

    well i guess you didnt really pay attention did you !! i gave him my horse so he could finish his match with brian !!!!! someday when you have a TV show you will get to see the magic of editing the producers choose how they want the show to look !!! i had already told patrick he could use one of dustins horses the producer didnt like that he wanted conflict so we gave them what they wanted ……

  24. Charlie Andrews says:

     no actually he didnt unhorse 4 jousters that sounds good though

  25. Charlie Andrews says:

    Thank You ……

  26. Charlie Andrews says:

    those Lances were drilled my friend so the new guys wouldnt get hurt !!! watch all the episodes they are never drilled for tournaments !!!!

  27. Charlie Andrews says:

    You are funny

  28. Charlie Andrews says:

    would love to meet you in person …….

  29. Crit Killen says:

    Charlie Andrews  
    Charlie, I love the concept, the product, the energy and the passion. It doesn’t matter if its real, if you were ever a Seal, if you’re tougher than the next guy or not,  or that there are only 5 guys in the sport. Success in the marketplace is all about presentation, marketing, likeability, positioning and perception. If you spend all day trying to cut a tree down with a rolled up newspaper instead of an axe the market will not reward you just because you tried harder than the other guy. There are certain markers and guidelines to film and television that you cannot ignore…… You don’t reason a woman into bed you seduce her…… The problem is the character you CHOSE to portray was not likeable. The situations, the conflict, storyline, choice of material,  and yes, editing, etc. did not connect with the audience. You were not properly coached in storytelling, story flow, points of action, character failures and triumphs, empathy and brutality and as a result it cost you audience and viewer loyalty. We can love a villain as much as a hero but you have to know how to craft  him to be successful. I’ve done over 85 motion pictures, tv shows, music videos etc. I’ve relocated to Utah myself from Los Angeles, Orem to be exact,  and I’m just a stones throw from you. I’d love to show you how to really “unhorse” someone….the audience…. and win the prize with character development, conflict management, story flow, audience loyalty and what it takes to really succeed in the arena of “media” jousting. If you’re big enough to get knocked on your ass, in other words, if you’re truly man enough to look at what you don’t know, and let someone guide you, I think you still have all the elements to make a winning run at turning this sport into something big. The market doesn’t reward us for effort only for success. A premier rule of fighting is to fight only one enemy at a time if possible. You have created an additional enemy to fight, that of the perception the studios have of your from the first season of your show. That’s why it was not renewed. However, when the student is ready the teacher appears…..I could give you tools you may not now possess to help you take another run at your dream. I’d love to mount the horse, grab a lance and take you on so to speak and share what an entertainment industry insider knows to give your warrior spirit another fighting chance……Crit Killen 801-602-0070

  30. TimothyGalloway says: