Medieval Exeter Tour: Rama App Review

Rama Travel App Medieval ExeterCreated by Crimson Bamboo, Rama: Travel App for History Lovers is an iPhone (iDevice) app that focuses on historical tours across the globe. The team at Crimson Bamboo have complied over 85 history tours for the Rama app covering five continents. They offer both free and paid tours, the paid tours range in price from $0.99 to $2.99 USD. The only requirment to use the app is an internet connection, either Wi-Fi or 3G.

Rama Travel App Medieval Exeter

This review will concentrate on the Medieval Exeter Tour by Jack Purchase, available for $1.99USD. The tour homepage offers a brief summary as well as the walking distance and estimated time to complete the tour. The home page also list any special requirements for the tour. In this case there is an admission fee for the Exeter Cathedral. The Medieval Exeter tour covers 1.5 miles (2.4km) with an approximate time of 90 minutes.

Rama Travel App Medieval ExeterRama Travel App Medieval Exeter

Hitting the ‘Start’ button begins the tour. The first screen is a map of the area with all points of interest for the tour marked with a red pin. This is where the internet connection comes in. The app utilizes Google Maps to focus on the area of the tour and label the waypoints.

The starting point is a green pin and is labeled with the attraction name. For this tour it is Rougemont Castle. Pressing the blue arrow button on the label opens the waypoint screen. The waypoint screen is the written historical account of the attraction. The history is thoroughly researched and offers the reader a look into the significance of each place during the medieval era. The waypoint screen also offers historical pictures of each attraction.

Rama Travel Map Medieval ExeterRama Travel Map Medieval Exeter

When you are finished reading the history and viewing the photos press the ‘Map’ button in the top left to proceed to the next attraction. As you make your way through the tour the red pins turn green to indicate you have visited each point. As you arrive at the end of the tour you recieve a message stating the tour is over. The final waypoint screen includes acknowledgements and website recommendations to learn more about the area.

Rama Travel App Medieval ExeterRama Travel App Medieval Exeter

Exeter, located in Southwest England, is steeped in medieval history and this tour doesn’t disappoint. The history is comprehensive and well written and I enjoyed the multiple historic images of each attractions, although it would be nice to see a current picture as well. The app has an intuitive interface that any traveller will be able to navigate.

One feature that would be nice is an audio option of each waypoint screen. That would allow you to hear the history while visually enjoying the attraction.

Overall this is a great tour and an amazing app! If you are in or near Exeter or planning a trip there you will want to add this tour to your iPhone.

Get the Rama: Travel App for History Lovers from the iTunes Store.

Visit the Crimson Bamboo website for a complete list of all the Rama tours available.

Medieval Archives gives the Rama: Travel App for History Lovers 4 out of 5 stars.

Medieval Star RatingMedieval Star RatingMedieval Star RatingMedieval Star RatingMedieval Star Rating Greyscale

Disclaimer: Medieval Archives received a complimentary copy of the Medieval Exeter tour for review purposes



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