Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-09-11

  • Born today in 1241; Alexander III of Scotland #
  • Born today in 1187; Louis VIII "the Lion", King of France #
  • During the First Barons' War against King John of England the barons offered the throne to Prince Louis for his help in the rebellion #
  • Louis captured Winchester and soon controlled over half of the English kingdom, but was never crowned the King of England #
  • Upon the death of King John the barons abandoned Prince Louis in favor of John's son Henry III #
  • Louis' Army was defeated at Lincoln in May of 1217 and Navy at Sandwich in August 1217 ending his quest for the English throne #
  • Louis was crowned the King of France in July 1223 #
  • Born today in 1319; Peter IV "el Cerimoniós" ("the Ceremonious"), King of Aragon #
  • Died today in 1235; Henry I, Duke of Brabant #
  • Died today in 1201; Constance, Duchess of Brittany #
  • The website is currently down and will be until about 0600MDT. There seems to be an issues with file storage. I will keep you posted… #
  • The website is back up and running! #
  • 1492 – Christopher Columbus sails from La Gomera in the Canary Islands, his final stop before crossing the Atlantic for the first time #
  • Died today in 972; Pope John XIII #
  • Died today in 1431; Demetrios Laskaris Leontares, Byzantine soldier and statesman #
  • Born today in 1438; Louis II 'the Frank", Landgrave of Hesse #
  • Died today in 1151; Geoffrey Plantagenet, Count of Anjou, father of King Henry II #
  • Died today in 1312; Ferdinand IV, King of Castile #
  • 1191 – Third Crusade: Battle of Arsuf: Richard I of England rout Saladin and his Muslim army #
  • 1331 – Stephen Uroš IV Dušan declares himself king of Serbia #
  • Born today in 1157; Richard I "the Lionheart", King of England #
  • Born today in 1380; Saint Bernardino of Siena, Italian Franciscan missionary #
  • Saint Bernardino was canonized in May 1450 by Pope Nicholas V #
  • Saint Bernardino is the patron saint of advertisers; public relations; Italy; diocese of San Bernardino, California; and gambling addicts #
  • @gisellevirginia @ChristyEnglish excellent! I will have to pick it up in reply to gisellevirginia #
  • @ntomlinson very nice! Which castle do I need to invade to find this treasure? #
  • @lostbraincells it is an impressive fortress! in reply to lostbraincells #
  • The house that Lionheart built RT @battlecastle Chateau Gaillard a state-of-the-art castle, with successive lines of defence – M. Prestwich #
  • 118 new followers today…too bad over 100 of them are spam accounts!! Time to get medieval on these spam-bots! #
  • Died today in 1087; William I “the Conqueror”, King of England #
  • 1000 – Battle of Svolder: King Olaf of Norway is defeated by Sweyn Forkbeard (Denmark), Olaf Eiríksson (Sweden) and Eirik, the Jarl of Lade #
  • Battle of Svolder: King Olaf had 11 warships while the enemy battle fleet consisted of 70 ships. #
  • Battle of Svolder: When King Olaf’s flagship, the Ormen Lange, was captured he jumped into the ocean to avoid begin captured #
  • King Olaf’s body was never found, various accounts exist regarding his fate; death, survived and joined a monastery, saved by angels… #
  • 1379 – Treaty of Neuberg: splits the Austrian Habsburg lands between the Habsburg Dukes Albert III and Leopold III #
  • Born toady in 1349; Albert III, Duke of Austria #
  • Thanks! RT @ncpemberton: @MedievalArchive The tomb of Hugh Despenser in Tewkesbury Abbey #
  • Switching continents tomorrow, I will be on set for a fantasy movie based in medieval Japan. sword fights galore! #



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