Tyler art museum exclusive SW location for medieval alabaster exhibit

medieval alabasterPersonnel with The Tyler Museum of Art have announced the opening of “Object of Devotion: Medieval English Alabaster Sculpture” from the Victoria and Albert Museum on view starting Sunday and continuing through Nov. 13.

This is the only scheduled stop in the southwestern region of the United States for this touring exhibition.

The 60 alabaster panels and free-standing figures in the exhibition are drawn from the world’s largest collection of medieval alabasters, that of the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. Dramatic, and intricately crafted, these pieces are some of the finest examples of the elegant, yet, neglected art form of alabaster sculpture.

The 60 prime examples, including a complete set of panels from an altarpiece, have been carefully selected for this exhibition, representing all the major types produced by English sculptors. The exhibition is organized in six sections.

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