Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-08-07

  • 1423 – Hundred Years' War: Battle of Cravant: the French army is defeated at Cravant by the English led by Thomas Montacute #
  • Battle of Cravant: When the French began to retreat their Scottish allies did not. The Scots lost over 3,000 men after the French retreat #
  • 1451 – Jacques Cœur is arrested by order of Charles VII of France for poisoning the King's mistress #
  • Born today in 1396; Philip III "the Good", Duke of Burgundy #
  • Off to a birthday party at a gymnastics center with a bunch of 5 year olds!… Should be chaotic! #
  • Died today in 1396; William Courtenay, Archbishop of Canterbury #
  • I survived the birthday party! It was run by an old Russian gymnast. She demanded the kids toe the line and they didn't argue 🙂 #
  • Thanks for the support. Everyone had fun and lots of cake! @ChristyEnglish @jenkmiller75 @gisellevirginia @cranky_knitter #
  • 1291 – The signing of the Federal Charter or 'Letter of Alliance' forms the The Old Swiss Confederacy #
  • 1498 – Christopher Columbus becomes the first European to visit what is now Venezuela #
  • 1492 – Ferdinand II of Aragon and Isabella I of Castile drive the Jews out of Spain #
  • About 40,000 Jews left Spain on the orders of Ferdinand and Isabella another 40,000 converted to Catholicism #
  • Died today in 527; Justin I, Byzantine Emperor #
  • Died today in 1402; Edmund of Langley, 1st Duke of York, son of Edward III of England #
  • Died today in 1137; Louis VI "the Fat", King of France #
  • Died today in 1252; Giovanni da Pian del Carpine (AKA John of Plano Carpini), Italian explorer #
  • Giovanni da Pian del Carpine was one of the first Europeans to enter the court of the Great Khan of the Mongol Empire #
  • RT @rachel_gibbons: Louis XI founded French chivalric Order of St Michael today 1469 as a rival/response to Orders of Golden Fleece & Garter #
  • Thanks for the RTs! @McFab @MrDumais @HHamwich @QEleanorAquitai @evansmcallister @debbiemerls @ChristyEnglish @thunder_soul @St_Cadburys #
  • @ChristyEnglish Yes indeed and Spain wasn't the first. Edward I did it in 1290, John I (Brittany) in 1239, Philip II of France in 1182 in reply to ChristyEnglish #
  • @gisellevirginia Muslims were conquered and kicked out of Granada that year as well #
  • @jennymirabilis Very late to the game. But he began to see the prestige the knights of other orders held and how big of a threat they were in reply to jennymirabilis #
  • 1377 – Battle on Pyana River: The Blue Horde led by Khan Arapsha attack Russian troops led by Knyaz (Prince) Ivan Dmitriyevich #
  • Battle on Pyana River: The Russian army was drunk when Khan Arapsha attacked. The Russians were completely decimated #
  • Battle on Pyana River: Knyaz (Prince) Ivan Dmitriyevich retreated across the river but drowned along with several of his servnats and guards #
  • Battle on Pyana River: Pyana is Russian for 'drunk', getting its name from the events of the battle #
  • Born today in 1455; John Cicero, Elector of Brandenburg #
  • Died today in 686; Pope John V #
  • @gisellevirginia they must have had some good vodka with them! in reply to gisellevirginia #
  • Died today in 1316; Louis of Burgundy, Prince of Achaea #
  • Died today in 924; King Ælfweard of Wessex #
  • @gisellevirginia King Ælfweard was the son of Edward the Elder in reply to gisellevirginia #
  • Died today in 1100; William II "Rufus", King of England #
  • William II was shot in the chest with an arrow, piercing his lung and killed him #
  • Walter Tyrrel let the deadly shot fly, whether on purpose or by accident is still unclear #
  • @thehistoryguy 2 out of 4 of the Conqueror's sons do not recommend hunting in New Forest in reply to thehistoryguy #
  • @rexfactorpod yes he was. Did he get the Rex Factor? I forget, I better go listen to that episode again in reply to rexfactorpod #
  • @rexfactorpod BTW loved the R3 bosworth analogy… Medieval charging at the Renaissance in reply to rexfactorpod #
  • @rexfactorpod Haha, that could sum up the reign of a few kings in that era! in reply to rexfactorpod #
  • 1492 – Christopher Columbus sets sail from Palos de la Frontera, Spain with the Santa María, Pinta and Santa Clara, nicknamed Niña #
  • @manx_maid in tweetdeck you have to use the ASCII code fir international characters, it's very annoying in reply to manx_maid #
  • @manx_maid the easiest way is to create the character or word in another program that supports the tilde then copy and paste into tweetdeck in reply to manx_maid #
  • Died today in 1460; James II, King of Scotland #
  • @CJBrearley Sorry I haven't seen any pictures released yet in reply to CJBrearley #
  • 1327 – 1st War of Scottish Ind: Battle of Stanhope Park: James Douglas leads a raid into Weardale against Roger Moritmer and King Edward III #
  • 1327 – Douglas’ night raid was intended to kill Ed III, The Scots killed the Kings guards and collapsed his tent, but Ed III was not injured #
  • Born today in 1222 – Richard de Clare, 6th Earl of Hertford, English soldier #
  • 1265 – 2nd Barons' War: Battle of Evesham: The army of Prince Edward defeats the forces of rebellious barons led by Simon de Montfort #
  • Died today in 1265; Hugh le Despencer, 1st Baron le Despencer, Killed in the Battle of Evesham #
  • Died today in 1265; Sir Henry de Montfort, son of Simon de Montfort, Killed in the Battle of Evesham #
  • Died today in 1265; Sir Peter de Montfort, Killed in the Battle of Evesham #
  • Died today in 1265; Simon de Montfort, 6th Earl of Leicester, Killed in the Battle of Evesham #
  • @thehistoryguy yeah, some guys just gotta learn the hard way! in reply to thehistoryguy #
  • @CJBrearley no it wasn't! in reply to CJBrearley #
  • Died today in 1060; Henry I, King of France #
  • 910 – Battle of Tettenhall : The last major Danish army to raid England is defeated by King Edward the Elder and Earl Aethelred of Mercia. #
  • 1100 – Henry I is crowned King of England in Westminster Abbey #
  • 1388 –-The Battle of Otterburn: a border skirmish between the Scottish and the English in Northern England, resulting in a Scottish victory #
  • 1301 – Edmund of Woodstock, 1st Earl of Kent, English politician, son of King Edward I #
  • King Edward I was 62 when his son Edmund of Woodstock was born #
  • Died today in 882; Louis III, King of France #
  • 1284 – Battle of Meloria: The Republic of Pisa is defeated by the Republic of Genoa, losing its naval dominance in the Mediterranean #
  • Died today in 1195; Henry the Lion, Duke of Saxony and Bavaria #
  • Died today in 523; Pope Hormisdas #
  • Died today in 1272; Stephen V, King of Hungary #
  • Died today in 1414; Ladislaus "the Magnanimous", King of Naples #
  • Died today in 1458; Pope Callixtus III #
  • We are 2 days into the final summer vacation before the kids start school. The 1st leg was a 12 hour drive to Iowa #
  • We are now in Wisconsin to visit the House on the Rock and Taliesin. #
  • @theloopweaver my poll numbers were dropping so I had to hit the campaign trail 🙂 in reply to theloopweaver #



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