Canterbury Tales bring medieval fun to Belton

Chaucer Canterbury TalesA real summer treat is in store at Belton House, between Sleaford and Grantham.

On Friday July 22, Pantaloons Theatre Company bring Chaucer’s pilgrims to life in this brand new adaptation of the medieval classic, the Canterbury Tales.

With a contemporary twist, the performance brings music, laughter and tears as a cast of larger than life characters tell their tales of deception and redemption, magic and majesty, life and death.

A medieval market precedes the show, with the opportunity to meet the Wife of Bath, who will be dispensing kisses, or to buy dubious bread from the Miller, confess all to the Pardoner and, hopefully, avoid an encounter with the Plague Doctor.

This open-air performance promises a great mix of humour, excitement, energy, puppets and clever costume changes.

A cast of six actors have great fun tackling 20 plus roles, demonstrating impressive versatility as they portray lusty chickens, medieval drunkards and dainty maidens. Each character’s tale is presented in a different theatrical style. The Man of Law’s tale is told with puppets and romantic guitar music, the Physician’s tale takes the form of a naughty limerick and the second Nun’s tale is presented as a quirky overblown opera.

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