Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-07-17

  • 1212 – The Great Fire of Suthwark: A fire rages through London burning most of the city to the ground #
  • The Guinness Book of Records states the number of people killed on the London Bridge was 3,000 during the fire of 1212 #
  • 1460 – Battle of Northampton: Richard Neville, 16th Earl of Warwick defeats the Lancastrian forces and takes King Henry VI prisoner #
  • The fire of 1212 started in Southwark. However the Corporation of London recorded it as "In this year was the Great Fire of Suthwark…" #
  • @andrewdbuck the chronicles of the time spelled it Suthwark. I should have been more clear when I sent it. in reply to andrewdbuck #
  • @andrewdbuck thanks though because I can be prone to misspellings! in reply to andrewdbuck #
  • Born today in 1452 James III, King of Scotland #
  • Died today in 1099 Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar "El Cid", Castilian nobleman, military leader, and diplomat "The lord-master of military arts" #
  • @gisellevirginia I bet! Is he a national hero in Spain? in reply to gisellevirginia #
  • Died today in 1103 Eric I "the Good", King of Denmark #
  • Died today in 1290 Ladislaus IV "the Cuman", King of Hungary #
  • Died today in 1460 Humphrey Stafford, 1st Duke of Buckingham, English military leader; killed in the Battle of Northampton #
  • Teams search for Bredwardine Medieval village #
  • Born today in 1274 Robert the Bruce, King of Scotland #
  • 1302 – Battle of the Golden Spurs: The County of Flanders defeats King Philip the Fair's French knights and the French army #
  • The Battle was dubbed 'Golden Spurs' because of the over 1000 golden spurs collected from the dead French knights by the Flemish army #
  • The Golden Spurs hung in the Church of Our Lady in Kortrijk for the next 80 years, when mercenaries stole them after the Battle of Roosebeke #
  • The list of noteworthy French nobles killed in the Battle of the Golden Spurs starts now… #
  • Died today in 1302 Robert II, Count of Artois, the French commander; killed in the Battle of Golden Spurs #
  • Died today in 1302 Raoul of Clermont-Nesle, Lord of Nesle, Constable of France; killed in the Battle of Golden Spurs #
  • Died today in 1302 Guy I of Clermont, Lord of Breteuil, Marshal of France; killed in the Battle of Golden Spurs #
  • Died today in 1302 Simon de Melun, Lord of La Loupe and Marcheville, Marshal of France; killed in the Battle of Golden Spurs #
  • Died today in 1302 John I of Ponthieu, Count of Aumale; killed in the Battle of Golden Spurs #
  • Died today in 1302 John II of Trie, Count of Dammartin; killed in the Battle of Golden Spurs #
  • Died today in 1302 John II of Brienne, Count of Eu; killed in the Battle of Golden Spurs #
  • Died today in 1302 John d'Avesnes, Count of Ostrevent, son of John II, Count of Holland; killed in the Battle of Golden Spurs #
  • Died today in 1302 Godfrey of Brabant, Lord of Aarschot; killed in the Battle of Golden Spurs #
  • Died today in 1302 Jacques de Châtillon, Lord of Leuze; killed in the Battle of Golden Spurs #
  • Died today in 1302 Pierre de Flotte, Chief Advisor to Philip IV the Fair; killed in the Battle of Golden Spurs #
  • 1346 – Charles IV of Luxembourg is elected emperor of the Holy Roman Empire #
  • 1476 – Giuliano della Rovere is appointed bishop of Coutances…and in 27 short years Giuliano della Rovere would become Pope Julius II #
  • @madmonarchs true, 100's of nobles died that day. I only listed a few of the more recognizable names in reply to madmonarchs #
  • @davanna well spurs were a great invention! But a lot of injustices on both sides led up to the battle in reply to davanna #
  • Born today in 1366 – Anne of Bohemia, Queen consort of Richard II of England #
  • @madmonarchs I believe it. The battle won Flanders autonomy from France for a few more years in reply to madmonarchs #
  • @davanna thanks for the support! in reply to davanna #
  • @davanna hostage taking and mass murder were the precursors to the battle. in reply to davanna #
  • Odd medieval fact: Robert the Bruce(b.1274-d.1329) & Anne of Bohemia(b.1366-d.1394) share the same birthday 11 Jul and day of death 07 Jun #
  • Died today in 937 Rudolph II, King of Burgundy #
  • @historicuk I visited that site once…walked there from Drogheda, a bit of a long walk. in reply to historicuk #
  • Died today in 969 Saint Olga, Princess of Kiev #
  • Died today in 1174 Amalric I, King of Jerusalem #
  • @andrewdbuck haha, love it! in reply to andrewdbuck #
  • @andrewdbuck Absolutely! I may start using that line… in reply to andrewdbuck #
  • @gisellevirginia I don't think so, but I would have to look in reply to gisellevirginia #
  • @davanna haha, yes it is. in reply to davanna #
  • @gisellevirginia haha, no worries. We can both learn something in reply to gisellevirginia #
  • @Mori_Irvine ours did that once, lots of blood. no surgery though, just a doggie manicure and some bandages. Good luck! in reply to Mori_Irvine #
  • Died today in 1183 Otto I "the Redhead" of Wittelsbach, Duke of Bavaria #
  • @Mori_Irvine Sounds like what we did too. and boy did our dog hate that sock! in reply to Mori_Irvine #
  • 1191 – Third Crusade: Saladin's garrison surrenders to Conrad of Montferrat, ending the two-year siege of Acre. #
  • 927 – Constantine II of Scotland pledges to Æthelstan, King of England that he will not ally with Viking kings #
  • Born today in 1468 – Juan del Encina, Spanish Composer, poet and playwright, 'founder of Spanish drama' #
  • @tudortutor @PurePasty Excellent! They are a 'must eat' when I go to the UP. Nobody knows what they are out here in the wild west in reply to tudortutor #
  • 1174 – William I of Scotland, a key rebel in the Revolt of 1173–1174, is captured at Alnwick by forces loyal to Henry II of England. #
  • Died today in 1205 Hubert Walter, Archbishop of Canterbury and Justicier of England #
  • @kimawhitaker there were 2, Reginald for a year, John de Gray for a year than Langton who served for about 20 years in reply to kimawhitaker #
  • Died today in 1223 – Philip II Augustus, King of France #
  • 1223 – Louis VIII "the Lion" becomes King of France upon the death of his father, Philip II of France #
  • Born today in 1454 Angelo Ambrogini "Poliziano", Florentine humanist #
  • Died today in 664 Deusdedit of Canterbury, Archbishop of Canterbury #
  • @althist my thoughts exactly in reply to althist #
  • @flissina That's cool! And sorry for your loss…. in reply to flissina #
  • 1099 – First Crusade: Christian soldiers take the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem after the final assault of a difficult siege #
  • 1207 – King John of England expels Canterbury monks for supporting Archbishop Stephen Langton #
  • 1381 – John Ball, a leader in the Peasants' Revolt, is hanged, drawn and quartered in the presence of King Richard II of England #
  • @Mori_Irvine that's one way to get your brother out of the way. Of course Robert needed the money as well. in reply to Mori_Irvine #
  • @Mori_Irvine I always did like a warrior monk! in reply to Mori_Irvine #
  • 1377 – The coronation of King Richard II of England, age 10, takes place at Westminster Abbey #
  • Died today in 1216; Pope Innocent III #
  • Born today in 1194; Saint Clare of Assisi, Italian follower of Francis of Assisi #
  • Saint Clare is the patron saint of embroiderers, good weather, needleworkers, Santa Clara Pueblo, telephones, telegraphs, television #
  • 1212 – Battle of Las Navas de Tolosa: Forces of Kings Alfonso 8, Sancho 7, Pedro 2 and Afonso 2 defeat those of Berber Muslim leader Almohad #
  • Died today in 1342; Charles I, King of Hungary #



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