University College Cork to exhibit major medieval Irish manuscript

Book of LismoreUniversity College Cork (UCC) has gained a unique opportunity to exhibit on loan one of the major medieval Irish manuscripts, the Book of Lismore. The loan has been facilitated by the owners of the Book, the Trustees of the Chatsworth Settlement Trust.

The manuscript contains a large number of important texts many drawn from Irish narrative tradition, some also which are translations of contemporary European works, and reflect a lively curiosity about the wider world. UCC President, Dr Michael Murphy said the arrival of the Book of Lismore, Leabhar Meic Carthaigh Riabhaigh, in Cork in 2011, and its exhibition at UCC, constitute an important event in the cultural history of Munster.

“I am indebted to the generosity of the Trustees of the Chatsworth Settlement Trust and the Duke of Devonshire in having consented to loan the Book as well as an important Van Dyck portrait and other manuscript material to the University,” he said.

The Book of Lismore will be on public display from July 22 to October 30 at the Glucksman Gallery in an exhibition titled: Travelled Tales – Leabhar Siúlach, Scéalach: The Book of Lismore at UCC.

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