Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-06-26

  • At the Rockies game for Father's Day. Medieval tweets later tonight. #
  • @RateYourSeats section 325. Row 5 You can use the picture. in reply to RateYourSeats #
  • My Father's Day card from the queen… #
  • 1306 – Battle of Methven: The Earl of Pembroke's army defeats Robert the Bruce's Scottish army #
  • Died today in 1312 Piers Gaveston, British nobleman and favorite nobleman of King Edward II #
  • Despite what you learned in 'Braveheart' Piers Gaveston was not thrown out the window by Edward I, he was beheaded by 2 Welshmen #
  • Running Windows 7? Get the Castles of Europe theme… Excellent pictures of 21 different castles! #
  • @darcysmom you're welcome. It is a great theme! in reply to darcysmom #
  • @NazarethTheNewz tis good history for sure. Lots of back and forth between the two countries… in reply to NazarethTheNewz #
  • An archaeological dig in Winchcombe has uncovered a series of remains dating back to the 13th Century. #
  • Born today in 1002 Bruno of Eguisheim-Dagsburg, the future Pope Leo IX #
  • Died today in 1377 King Edward III of England #
  • Died today in 1527 Niccolò di Bernardo dei Machiavelli, Italian philosopher, humanist, and writer #
  • "A prince never lacks legitimate reasons to break his promise." ~The Prince by Machiavelli #
  • "Before all else, be armed." ~ The Prince by Machiavelli #
  • “. . . no prince is ever benefited by making himself hated” ~Discourses on Livy by Machiavelli #
  • "…for fortune is a woman and in order to be mastered she must be jogged and beaten." ~The Prince by Machiavelli #
  • @gisellevirginia thanks for following! any comment is great, You will get up to speed w/ knowledge in no time. I'll help as much as I can in reply to gisellevirginia #
  • @CosmicWorkshop *waves* thanks! looking forward to seeing your website and products! in reply to CosmicWorkshop #
  • 1593 – Battle of Sisak: Allied Christian troops from Slovania and Croatia crush the Turks of the Ottoman Empire #
  • 1593 – Battle of Sisak: Turk forces: 12,000, Christian forces: 5,800; Turk losses: 8,000, Christian losses: 50 #
  • Died today in 1276 Blessed Pope Innocent V; Birthname: Pierre de Tarentaise #
  • Died today in 1429 Ghiyath al-Kashi, Persian astronomer and mathematician #
  • @mzmelisende Welcome to Twitter! in reply to mzmelisende #
  • 1314 – First War of Scottish Independence: The Battle of Bannockburn begins between Robert the Bruce and Edward II #
  • 1305 – Treaty of Athis-sur-Orge: signed by King Philip IV of France and Robert III of Flanders following the Battle of Mons-en-Pévèle #
  • Born today in 1456 Margaret of Denmark, wife of James III of Scotland #
  • Born today in 1433 Francis II, Duke of Brittany #
  • Died today in 1222 Constance of Aragon, Queen consort of King Emeric of Hungary (1198–1204) and Queen consort of Germany (1215-1220) #
  • Died today in 1018 Henry I "the Strong", Margrave of Austria #
  • @rexfactorpod I bet that was a great morale boost for the Scots! in reply to rexfactorpod #
  • @gisellevirginia yes and no. It was a celebration on May 1st every year in reply to gisellevirginia #
  • @gisellevirginia pushed send to quick… May 1st used to be the start of summer. In modern times it is still celebrated on May 1 in reply to gisellevirginia #
  • 637 – The Battle of Moira: Domnall II the High King of Ireland against King Congal of Ulster and King Domnall I of Dalriada #
  • The Battle of Moira is believed to be the largest battle in the history of Ireland, last over a week #
  • 1314 – First War of Scottish Independence: Battle of Bannockburn ends: Robert the Bruce and the Scots crush Edward II and his English forces #
  • 1340 – Hundred Years' War: Battle of Sluys: King Edward III commands the English fleet and decimates the French fleet #
  • Born today in 1386 Giovanni da Capistrano, Italian saint (Saint John of Capistrano) #
  • Born today in 1485 Johannes Bugenhagen, German reformer; "Doctor Pomeranus", introduced the Protestant Reformation in Pomerania and Denmark #
  • Died today in 803 Higbald, Bishop of Lindisfarne #
  • Died today in 1439 Frederick IV, Duke of Austria #
  • @LondonHistorian if they could mute the vuvuzela for the World Cup they should employ the same technique for tennis grunting, very annoying! in reply to LondonHistorian #
  • Died today in 1519 Lucrezia Borgia, Duchess of Ferrara #
  • 1374 – An outbreak of St. Johns Dance in Aachen, Germany; people hallucinate, jump and twitch uncontrollably and collapse from exhaustion #
  • @retroist 101 Classic Computer Ads Have you seen this site? Keep up the great work…Love the site! #
  • Died today in 1218 Simon de Montfort, 5th Earl of Leicester, French crusader; killed in the Siege of Toulouse #
  • Simon de Montfort died when he was hit in the head by a stone launched from a trebuchet #
  • @garethawhite In the long run the English made out ok… Besides, that battle falls outside the statue of limitations for internet laws 🙂 in reply to garethawhite #



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