Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-06-19

  • 1429 – 100 Yrs War Battle of Jargeau: Joan of Arc leads the French army as they capture Jargeau and William de la Pole, 1st Duke of Suffolk #
  • Died today in 816 Pope (Saint) Leo III #
  • The Who, Why and How of Twitter…interesting #
  • 1249 – Coronation of Alexander III as King of Scots #
  • 1373 – Anglo-Portuguese Alliance is signed between England and Portuga; the oldest alliance in the world which is still in force #
  • Born today in 823 Charles the Bald, Holy Roman Emperor and King of the West Franks #
  • Died today in 1231 Anthony of Padua, Portuguese saint #
  • Saint Anthony of Padua is the patron saint of American Indians; barrenness; Horses; Mail; poor people; Portugal; pregnant women #
  • The Who, Why and How of Twitter…interesting #
  • 1381 – Peasants' Revolt: Richard II of England meets leaders of Peasants' Revolt on Blackheath #
  • 1381 – Peasants' Revolt: The Tower of London is stormed by rebels who enter without resistance #
  • Died today in 1381 Simon Sudbury, Archbishop of Canterbury #
  • RT @thehistoryguy Standing atop a giant replica medieval siege tower. 50m high. Almost as cool as the legendary 'helepolis-taker of cities' #
  • Awesome! RT @lostbraincells Epic Siege Tower 15m tall at Malbork. Shot today for @BattleCastle #GoMedieval #
  • 923 – Battle of Soissons: King Robert I of France is killed by King Charles III "the Simple" #
  • 923 – Battle of Soissons: King Charles III "the Simple" is captured by the Rudolph, Duke of Burgundy and imprisoned in a castle at Péronne #
  • Born today in 1330 – Edward of Woodstock "The Black Prince", son of King Edward III of England and father of King Richard II of England #
  • 1184 – Battle of Fimreite: King Sverre defeats King Magnus V of Norway, in a naval battle off the coast of Fimreite: #
  • Died today in 1184 King Magnus V of Norway; killed (drowned) in the Battle of Fimreite #
  • 1215 – King John of England puts his seal to the Magna Carta #
  • “To no one will we sell, or deny, or delay, right or justice" ~Clause 40, Magna Carta #
  • "No sheriff or other person shall take horses or carts for transport from any free man, without his consent" ~Clause 30, Magna Carta #
  • 1219 – Northern Crusades; Battle of Lyndanisse: Danish victory establishing the Danish Duchy of Estonia #
  • 1246 – The Battle of the Leitha River: King Béla IV of Hungary defeats Duke Frederick II of Austria near the banks of the Leitha river #
  • Died today in 1246 Frederick II, Duke of Austria, killed in the Battle of Leitha River, ending the Babenberg dynasty #
  • Died today in 923 King Robert I of France, killed in the Battle of Soissons #
  • Died today in 1381 Wat Tyler, English rebel #
  • Died today in 1381 John Cavendish, Lord Chief Justice of England #
  • Died today in 1383 John VI Cantacuzenus, Byzantine Emperor #
  • Died today in 1341 Andronikos III Palaiologos, Byzantine Emperor #
  • 1389 – Battle of Kosovo: The Ottoman Empire defeats Serbs and Bosnians #
  • Died today in 1389 Murad I, Ottoman Sultan; killed in the Battle of Kosovo #
  • Murad I was/is the only Ottoman sultan killed on a battle field #
  • Died today in 1389 Prince Lazar, Serbian Orthodox saint; killed in the Battle of Kosovo #
  • “We die with Christ, to live forever” ~Prince (Saint) Lazar, Battle of Kosovo #
  • “We die with Christ, to live forever” ~Prince Lazar, Battle of Kosovo #
  • 796 years ago King John signed the Magna Carta. Parts of it are still in effect today! Read it here: #
  • @kimawhitaker true he added his Seal, which is his approval of the document. In today's terms it would be equivalent to signing it in reply to kimawhitaker #
  • @portiacait correct it happened on 15 June. As I'm in the USA my late night tweets hit the UK the next day…sorry for any confusion. in reply to portiacait #
  • @gberserker @thehistoryguy correct it was 15 Jun. As I'm in the USA my late night tweets hit the UK the next day, sorry for any confusion. in reply to gberserker #
  • 1487 – Battle of Stoke Field: the final battle of the Wars of the Roses; Henry VII & the House of Lancaster(Tudor) defeat the House of York #
  • Me too! RT @thehistoryguy This is the largest iron tipped working battering ram in the world. I want one. #
  • Did you miss the Magna Carta eBook? Get it here… #
  • @KJohn1215 that didn't work out to good for you either!! I think the Baron's are knocking on your door… in reply to KJohn1215 #
  • 1462 – The Night Attack: Vlad III the Impaler attempts to assassinate Mehmed II forcing him to retreat from Wallachia #
  • After the assassination attempt failed Mehmed marched to the Wallachian capital and found 20,000 impaled Turks, demoralized Mehmed retreated #
  • 1497 – Cornish Rebellion: Battle of Deptford Bridge; forces under King Henry VII defeat troops led by Michael An Gof #
  • Died today in 1025 Bolesław I "the Brave", King of Poland #
  • Born today in 1239 Edward I "the Longshanks", King of England #
  • RT @usacastle For the next 20 years skilled artisans will be constructing a castle like 700 yrs ago just in front of you #
  • Born today in 1268 Lord Borchard de Herle, English diplomat under King Edward I #
  • Died today in 900 Fulk the Venerable, Archbishop of Rheims #
  • Died today in 1091 Dirk V, Count of Holland #
  • 1264 – The Parliament of Ireland: the Irish legislature meets for the first time at Castledermot in County Kildare #
  • 1429 – Hundred Years' War; Battle of Patay: Joan of Arc and the French defeat the main English army under sir John Fastolf #
  • 1178 – Five Canterbury monks see what is possibly the Giordano Bruno crater being formed on the moon #
  • The monks reported to the abbey's chronicler, Gervase, that after sunset they saw "two horns of light" on the shaded part of the Moon #
  • "when the Moon, a slim crescent, first became visible, a marvelous phenomenon was seen by several men who were watching it…" ~Gervase #
  • "Suddenly, the upper horn of the crescent was split in 2, a flaming torch sprang up, Body of the Moon writhed like a wounded snake" ~Gervase #
  • Born today in 1269 Princess Eleanor of England #
  • @mickeyboyc She was born in/at Windsor Castle in reply to mickeyboyc #
  • Died today in 1291 Alfonso III "the Free", King of Aragon #
  • Born today in 1318 Princess Eleanor of Woodstock, younger sister of King Edward III #
  • Have fun stormin' da castle… @battlecastle @ntomlinson @lostbraincells @ianherring @thehistoryguy #gomedieval in reply to battlecastle #
  • @CosmicWorkshop Go with pride! Warrior Princess FTW! in reply to CosmicWorkshop #
  • Died to today in 1464 Rogier van der Weyden, Flemish painter #
  • "The Descent from the Cross" ~Rogier van der Weyden #
  • Did the monks at Canterbury Abbey see the formation of a moon crater? #



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