Irish Art Exhibit Opens in Bellarmine Musuem

Kells to Clonmacnoise: Medieval Irish Art in ContextThe Bellarmine Museum of Art at Fairfield University is home to the new art exhibit “Kells to Clonmacnoise: Medieval Irish Art in Context,” which features several valuable replicas and reproductions of important Irish works of art.

On Monday, April 18, Fairfield debuted the exhibit with an opening reception in Bellarmine Hall. The university provided refreshments for patrons to enjoy in the Great Hall before proceeding to the lower level gallery to browse the pieces. The reception was well-attended by members of the Fairfield community, who were excited about the unique opportunity to examine such important pieces of Irish art.

Dr. Marice Rose, assistant professor and director of the art history program at Fairfield University, is particularly enthusiastic about the exhibit. She played an important role in its realization by providing copious amounts of research on each of items in the exhibit and writing the accompanying brochure.

“I find these objects fascinating because they show the creativity of the medieval Irish monks who made them,” said Rose. She continued, “[They are] also linked to the 19th century Celtic Revival, when Irish cultural objects were often reproduced as political propaganda to show support of Irish independence.”

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