Arizona Renaissance Festival creates whimsy

Barely BalancedThe actors in the “Barley Balanced” acrobatic performance create a human tower with raw strenght and coordination. The show is one of many displayed at the Renaissance Festival from Feb.21-April 3 in Apache Junction.

Hear ye! Hear ye!

Every year one may enter a land of knights, jesters, lords and ladies, where thy humble peasantry is overlooked and royal treatment received.

Nay, there is no time machine necessary, for the Arizona Renaissance Festival occurs Feb. 12-April 3 off of the Highway 60 in Apache Junction.

The festival includes three daily jousting performances, medieval arts and crafts fairs, an outdoor circus, various stages of live entertainment and a feast that never ends.

Jeff Figel, who produced the festival 24 years ago, took an interest in the theater-circus and live performance aspect of the Renaissance period, sparking the idea to create a fair that catered to the whimsical fantasies of all ages.

“The main focus was to make people happy; they can enjoy the outdoors and see new acts and antics for every visit. Improvisation provides a new experience every time,” Figel said.

The fair employs hundreds of actors to create the perfect medieval atmosphere, and anyone who has attended is well aware of the loud banter, spontaneous sword fights and acrobatics that burst forth at any moment.

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