University of Arizona Lectures to Explore Medieval Texts

Early Book Lectures VIIIThe UA’s Special Collections is hosting events to ponder poetry, faith and games in medieval texts housed within the University Libraries’ collection.

Special Collections at the University of Arizona is hosting several events to showcase the expansive expertise of UA faculty members in the medieval studies discipline.

The annual “Early Books Lecture VIII” will be held in February, featuring talks with specialists of medieval poetry, religion and music, among other areas.

The UA Libraries’ Special Collection will host faculty members in the University’s German studies, English and history departments who will provide insights into 13th, 16th and 17th century historic texts.

Each event will be held at Special Collections, which is located in the Main Library, 1510 University Blvd.

Lecture schedule

  • 08 Feb, 1830-2000: Albrecht Classen – German courtly poetry
  • 15 Feb, 1830-2000: Thomas Willard – “The Thrice Great Hermes: The First English Translation of Writings Attributed to an Egyptian God (1657)”
  • 22 Feb, 1600-1730: Paul Milliman – “The Golf Book: Playing and Praying in Late Medieval and Early Modern Europe”

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