The time starts now to save our medieval past

NorthamptonA new project has been launched to save Northampton’s rich medieval heritage.

Residents, volunteers, councillors and project leaders lined up on Saturday to take part in a heritage walk in Northampton’s Castle Ward area to promote the important historical sites that are in need of support.

About 30 people met at the Black Lion Pub in St Peter’s Way, for the walk, led by archaeologist Jack Plowman, which took in sites including St Peter’s Church, Northampton Castle, St Andrew’s Priory and the Holy Sepulchre Church.

CASPAR+NR is supporting the project, along with Northamptonshire County Council (NCC) who have provided £20,000 of funding for the initial stage, which will include promoting the heritage of the town through walks, signposting important historical sites and installing raised beds of medieval herbs.

Former county councillor Marie Dickie applied for the funding and is spearheading the project.

She said: “What inspired me to start this project was the youngsters in Spring Boroughs. They were so excited by the fact they lived in a medieval centre.

“We don’t give our children the chance to see how important Northampton was. We should celebrate the medieval heritage that’s in the centre of the town,” she added.

Project leaders are hoping to gain more funding and support for their aim to save and maintain the heritage of the town.

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