Lances, bones break for medieval fun

Jousting competitionMost days Callum Forbes is a mild-mannered financial planner.

But put him in a suit of armour, hand him a lance and that all changes.

The Upper Hutt man becomes a warrior, a jouster, and he’s proud of it.

“Jousters were like the Super 14 players, or the All Blacks of their day,” he said. “People followed teams of knights like we follow rugby teams.

“It was huge.”

Mr Forbes joined hundreds of medieval re-enactors who have camped out at Taupo’s Spa Park this weekend for the sixth annual Taupo Joust. The jouster, who broke his right hand two weeks ago in a “sword fight”, has been involved with jousting for more than 30 years, and is the man credited by many in medieval re-enactment circles as the founder of the sport in New Zealand.

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