No more lonely knights – call to join medieval club

No more lonely knights - call to join medieval clubHear ye, hear ye – a Waikite Valley family seeks passionate people for a medieval re-enactment group.

Mother of four, Gina Wright wants to form a local club that will educate and pay homage to a time when knights and fair maidens reigned.

“Last year we went to the Taupo Jousting Tournament and we absolutely loved it,” she said.

“It’s an event for the whole family to become involved from the costumes, the weaponry and the jousting.”

She later joined the Taupo medieval group and began attending their meetings once a month. However, the travel expenses became costly for the family.

“There is another club in Tauranga but we would like to see if anyone is interested in forming a group in the Rotorua area. It appeals to a whole range of people who have a passion for history, art, craft, dance, weaponry. We meet up with other re-enactment groups from various areas and the fun thing about it is people can really get into character,” Mrs Wright explained.

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