The Benzie Area Historical Museum is hosting a series of lectures on medieval Christianity

Benzie Area Historical MuseumThe Benzie Area Historical Museum is currently hosting a series of lectures on medieval Christianity as part of the Benzonia Academy Lecture Series.

Louis Yock, museum director, will be presenting the lectures, which started last week, the first of which focused on medieval Christianity and the Holy Roman Empire. According to Yock, the lecture took a closer look at the empire, which is slightly misrepresented by its modern day moniker.

“Our notion of what the Holy Roman Empire was is pretty modern; it is more of an image we’ve come up with rather than how things were,” said Yock. “In medieval times, the ‘empire’ went through a lot of changes, including how people thought about philosophy, how people were governed and how the citizens of the ‘empire’ behaved.”

Other lectures in coming weeks include “Medieval Christianity & Monasticism,” which will be held on Jan. 20 at 4 p.m. and “Medieval Christianity and the Plague,” which will be held on Jan. 27.

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