Heston Blumenthal goes medieval as he brings spit-roasting to Knightsbridge hotel

Heston Blumenthal goes medieval as he brings spit-roasting to Knightsbridge hotelFrom space-age molecular gastronomy to medieval recipes dating back 700 years.

Today Heston Blumenthal revealed how he is putting aside test tubes, lab coats and liquid nitrogen and replacing them with giant spits and low-tech clockwork machinery in his first London restaurant.

The chef, who won three Michelin stars at the Fat Duck in Bray, says all the dishes on the menu at his new restaurant, Dinner, will be inspired by recipes from the Middle Ages, Tudor, Stuart and Georgian eras.

Blumenthal, 44, originally wanted to call the style of cooking “historical British” but was worried “if I call it that, people will think of thigh slapping, wenches and flagons of ale”.

Instead it will be known as “modern and historical British” to stress that Blumenthal is offering a 21st century take on ancient culinary traditions.

The restaurant, where Blumenthal’s protégé Ashley Palmer-Watts will be executive chef, will open at the end of the month at the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, Knightsbridge.

Read the full story at London Evening Standard



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