Top 10 Reasons to Attend a Renaissance Faire in 2011

Renaissance Festival

Every year thousands of fans attend Renaissance Faires and Renaissance Festivals around the world. Here are top 10 reasons to attend a Ren Faire this year.

  1. Theater – Renaissance Faires usually have a few stages set up with actors performing Shakespearian skits or re-enacting popular medieval plays.
  2. Performances – Medieval faires include a variety of entertaining performances such as jousting, tournaments, dancers, musicians, storytellers, and much more.
  3. Costumes – Renaissance Faire workers, vendors and patrons dress up in beautiful, traditional medieval costumes. Keep an eye out and spot people dressed as kings, queens, knights, and wizards.
  4. Shopping – The faires have many unique vendors selling everything from jewelry, to pottery, to artwork, to weaponry. There are usually a few vendors devoted to selling hard to find Renaissance style clothing and medieval costumes.
  5. Artisan Demonstrations – Most faires also have artisan demonstrations of weaving, leather crafting, wood carving, Renaissance painting, coin minting, glass blowing, spinning, and sculpting. The artisans offer entertainment and then sell their goods to the crowds.
  6. Booth Games – Booth games are designed to match the medieval activities of past eras including axe throwing, harvest basket toss, fencing, archery, javelins, and fishing wells.
  7. Rides – The rides include giant swings, rock climbing, mazes, slides, medieval themed carousels and just about any type of classic carnival ride you can think of with a renaissance twist.
  8. Food – These Medieval Festivals are also famous for the food they serve. There is usually a vast array of food vendors. The feasts are designed to resemble the foods of King Arthur’s time, such as turkey legs, brats, spuds, corn, and lots of fried food. The food is usually served in the large portions that we associate with the medieval era.
  9. Museums – Some of the larger faires also have wonderful little museums set up for the event. The medieval displays are wonderful to look at and there are usually medieval replicas that are available for sale.
  10. Family Friendly – Renaissance Faires are family friendly events. The rides and games provide a whole day of entertainment for children of all ages and the performances and shops will keep the adults entertained.

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  1. Dwight says:

    LOVE the Costumes, Medieval Armor is the best! Knights, jousters, Kings, they are what bring a renaissance fair to life! 🙂