Sealed medieval door at Lincoln Castle to be opened to create complete wall walk

Lincoln CastleA sealed-up medieval doorway at Lincoln Castle is to be knocked through under plans to create uninterrupted wall walks.

Lincolnshire County Council has £3.5 million to open up the south wall to the public, linking it to the other three walls via a system of cantilevered bridges and timber walkways.

Work is set to begin on the wall, off Drury Lane, in May.

It is part of a wider regeneration and repair project and creating the complete circuit of the walls will need further work in 2012 and 2013.

Visitors currently enter Lucy Tower – the medieval castle keep used as a graveyard for executed prisoners in the 19th century – via steps in the six o’clock position.

The aim is to open a blocked up doorway on the west side of the tower – discovered by archaeologists – for access.

Once inside the tower, people would exit via the existing doorway and follow a new walkway around the exterior tower wall to get back on to the south wall at the nine o’clock position.



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