Fable III Hero Inside FactorySometimes it’s nice to keep things simple which is where we are with Fable III. Fable III is quite simply a brilliant third-person action RPG that takes place in the middle ages in the fictional kingdom of Albion. You take control and play as either the daughter or son of the Fable II’s hero as they’ve passed on since last we booted up Fable II. Your character’s older brother has chosen to take the throne and also chosen to rule as a tyrant. Think of it as Fist of the North Star without the anime-vibe. He’s taken everything your character in Fable II stood for and dishonored it all.

It’s the industrial Age of Albion and the people are overworked, highly overtaxed and very underpaid. So of course it’s up to you to stop your brother and end his tyrannical rule in order to save the people of Albion and everything you (your Fable II character) worked to build. Quite possibly one of Fable III’s biggest strengths is that you are almost always tasked with massive decisions that have major repercussions and can change the course of who you are. Of course if you do good deeds, you’ll become a better person, while bad deeds will make you an evil tyrant like your brother. In the first few minutes of this game, you have to make one really big decision – bet you can guess what.

If you’ve never played through any of the previous entries and consider yourself “unfamiliar with Fable”, then you’ll be extremely impressed. If you’re a gamer that played Fable II, then you’ll be satisfied in this sequel. Depending on your fighting style, you’ll receive experience from kills that will allow you to power-up those fighting styles. These styles are magic, ranged and melee. Magic gauntlets are back with the ability to dual-wield different types of magic to make powerful combinations that will leave your opponents without mercy. Swords, rifles and pistols also make a return to the game, but no bows sadly. Unfortunately you’re not able to dual-wield weapons in this game.

The time it takes to run through Fable II might be the only downside. And by “run through”, I mean play through without “enjoying the view”. Going straight through the story might only take five to six hours. It should be noted though that if a player chooses to do all the little side-quests and restoring your kingdom’s former glory, it could take 30-40 hours. Overall, this one is every bit as deep and fun as the previous entries in the Fable series. It’s definitely worth picking up as soon as possible.

Also of note: The first DLC for Fable III already released last month. The “Understone Quest Pack” is now available on Xbox LIVE Marketplace for 400 MS Points ($5).

Source: Go Fanboy



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