Rewriting history: Royal conspiracies in later medieval England

Ian MortimerRoyal intrigues are by no means a modern phenomenon – medieval monarchs were just as likely as our own to be involved in conspiracies and cover-ups, according to best-selling author Ian Mortimer.

Ian will be giving an open lecture on medieval conspiracies, in particular the impact of an allegation that Edward II was not murdered in 1327 but was still alive in 1330 and possibly even a decade after that.

A qualified archivist and a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society, Ian has been called a Bill Bryson of the past. His work The Time Travellers Guide to Medieval England appeared at number six in the Sunday Times bestselling paperback list in April 2010. He describes himself as “emphatically not an academic but a writer whose prime historical interests are research methodologies, new literary forms, and relationships between the present and the past.”

The lecture is on 7 December in the Council Chamber at 17.30. It is open to all and free of charge on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.

For more information contact Axel Müller, Institute for Medieval Studies on 33614 or email

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