Real Warfare 2: Northern Crusaders Announced

Real Warfare 2: Northern Crusaders1C Company has confirmed Unicorn Games is currently developing Real Warfare 2: Northern Crusaders.

The game is set in a variety of time scales ranging from the Middle Ages all the way to current day. However one section of the campaign will focus on the 13th century as players take the role of a Komtur of the Teutonic Order. From there you will relive crusades and battles as well as having to work with the dwindling numbers of the Order when compared to the ever growing strong resistance of the heathens.

A “state-of-the-art graphics engine” will provide the basis of the game and will support “more than 10,000 3D warriors” in a single battle, sounds impressive. A single player campaign will feature heavily with real time strategy elements mixed with RPG features.

Troops can gain experience throughout the campaign making them stronger and more battle-worthy.

According to the publisher there will be a truly “unique combat system dependent on up to 80 game factors” these can include the environment the troops are situated in as well as how much morale is running through the squads.

Real Warfare 2 will also consist of various multiplayer modes to supplement the single player campaign. For further details head over to the official site for the game which can be found at 1C Publishing.

Source: inc gamers



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