Edmonton police recover piece of Vladimir the Great’s skull

Vladimir the GreatVladimir the Great survived many bloody battles during the Middle Ages as he became the first Russian ruler to embrace Christianity.

And since his death in 1015, Catholics have managed to retain possession of Saint Vladimir’s remains during wars, invasions, revolutions and disasters.

But what is left of the patriarch of Eastern European Christianity almost didn’t survive one night in Edmonton.

A piece of Vladimir’s skull, regarded as a relic due to his sainthood, has been travelling across Canada under the care of Father Igumen Alexander, chancellor of the Archdiocese of Canada in the Orthodox Church in America.

On Oct. 29, Alexander woke to find that his house had been broken into, and that his car and the priceless relic had been stolen.

Call it a miracle, but Edmonton police officers were able to quickly recover the piece of skull when they found the stolen car.

Source: thespec.com



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