Medieval Archives Podcast: Episode 10 – The Tower of London

Fortress Friday – Halloween Special

During the month of October Fortress Friday will be exploring the paranormal. Throughout Europe there are stories of ghost sightings and strange occurrences. In a 6-part series we will look at some of the most haunted Castles in Europe.

The final castle in our series is The Tower of London. William the Conqueror built the original White tower in 1078. The tower began as a royal residence and was converted to a prison around 1100. The tower was expanded numerous times throughout the 12th and 13th century to become what we see today, a massive fortress looming over the river Thames. The Tower of London is haunted by some of the most famous names in England’s history including Thomas Becket, Henry VI, the Two Princes and Queen Anne Boleyn.

Tower of London

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Comments 5

  1. Michele says:

    I hate to seem picky, but Gloucester is pronounced ‘Glah-ster’. Northumberland is ‘Nor-thumber-lund’.

  2. Laura says:

    Who sings the song you play during the podcast?

  3. Laura says:

    P.S. To get the Gloucester pronunciation right rhyme it with Foster. E.g. Gloucestershire is actually pronounced Glostersheer. English place names can be a nightmare even for those of us living here!

  4. Archivist says:

    @Michele Thanks for the tips. I usually worry about messing up the French words and I was tripped up by the Queens English.

  5. Archivist says:

    @Laura The singer is Katy Rose. And thanks for the pronunciation tips!