LionHeart: Kings’ Crusade Demo Now Available

LionHeart: Kings' Crusade Demo Now Available

Arriving just shortly after the release of the full game, Paradox Interactive announced that a playable demo of the real-time strategy game is currently available over at FilePlanet. Gamers who pride themselves on their tactical prowess would only do themselves a disservice by not checking out the medieval strategy title, LionHeart: Kings’ Crusade.

As stated in the press release….

The demo offers a taste of the complete Lionheart experience. Demo players can test the management phase and mission briefings. Forge into the first mission’s battle and prepare for the battle of the second mission. View the tutorial battle on Cyprus and create a profile so that the saves you created during the demo will be available after puchase of the full game.

The game sports both historically “accurate” heroes and units, as well as the option to enhance an army by adding kickbutt mythological creatures and legends in order to turn the tide of battle. Gamers interested in this medieval war-romp can scurry out and pick up a copy of the game from local retailers. However, if you’re introverted or just plain ugly you can settle for staying inside and picking up a digital copy from major online digital distributors.

Download the demo: LionHeart: Kings’ CrusadeDemo

For more info be sure to visit the Official Website: LionHeart: Kings’ Crusade

Source: Cinema Blend



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