Walking is the only way to experience York, England

Walking is the only way to experience York, EnglandYork is one of the most important cities in England, with a rich history spanning more than 2,000 years. It is also home to one of the largest medieval Gothic cathedrals in all of Europe -the York Minster – with exteriors are as impressive as the spectacular works of art in its interiors. With its vibrant pub scene, haunted cobblestone streets and abundant historical gems, a visit to the city is certainly going to be one of your most exciting experiences in the country.

Walking around the city is the only way to experience York’s charms. Its compact layout allows easy walks and unhurried exploration of its many nooks and crannies, ranging from the quirky to the fascinating. No matter what your interests, you are likely to find something that appeals to them when in York.

Start your walk on the Shambles

The Shambles is the best place to start your exploration of city. This busy street is still as vibrant as it was back in the medieval period. But to fully experience this famous thoroughfare’s hustle and bustle, you don’t need do anything other than do a little shopping, dine in its may restaurants and of course, people-watch. And if you wish to go on a religious pilgrimage, you are on the right street: the Shrine of Margaret Clitherow, a Catholic saint, is located right in the heart of Shambles.

Those looking for a great time with the locals should check out the countless pubs, chic cafes and wine shops in the area. A big student population, along with many interesting locals, frequent the area and you are sure to find a group eager to take you in for an exciting round of beer and lively conversation.

To check out what it was like to live in York during the Viking period, take a detour to Jorvik , located on the site of a Viking dig. A state-of-the-art multimedia installations and visual arts presentations will transport you from the 21st century right back into the sensory onslaught of the 10th century Viking community.

Tired of playing tourist? Well, you can easily don the archaeologist’s gear and participate in a real life excavation in York – the Dig. You don’t just get to play archaeologist for the day, you also get to dig for authentic artefacts.

Vibrant art scene

More into the arts? Then you have plenty of options around York. First in line is the newly refurbished York Art Gallery, where you can check out its extensive collection of works by local artists. The gallery studio will even give you craft lessons. York Minster also makes for a remarkable artist’s excursion due to its spectacular stained glass windows, which are considered to be the largest piece of medieval art in the whole world.

Finally, York is not only a city of great historical significance but also a treasure trove of fabulous antiques. The Tomlinson’s Antiques is your best bet when shopping or just browsing for incredible finds. The antiques are beautifully displayed in real life themes and settings. Moving between sections of Tomlinson’s is just like stepping into different parts of a very luxurious house in various periods of history.

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