Discovery UK launching Discovery History Channel

Discovery UK resets HistoryFactual pay broadcaster Discovery Networks UK is replacing Discovery Knowledge with a dedicated history channel in November.

Discovery History’s schedule will include a range of presenter-led programmes about ancient civilisations such as Greece and Rome, as well as the two world wars.

Its predecessor, Discovery Knowledge, aired a mix of history-, archaeology- and engineering-themed programming.

The new channel, said a network spokesman, was a “redefinition” rather than a replacement, and that the change of name was to make it clearer to viewers that the channel now had more of a history focus.

Discovery History has already commissioned a raft of UK history programmes including George Cross Heroes, produced by Dangerous Films in association with Empire Media; Ultimate Castles with Dan Snow, from Ballista TV and Parallax Film Productions; and Wartime Secrets with Harry Harris, from Mandrill.

It will also introduce a number of expert historical presenters including Lord Ashcroft, Snow and Harris to provide new insights on important periods of history.

Discovery describes the channel as “the only UK channel dedicated to factual history.” Rival channel UKTV broadcasts some contemporary and scripted content on Yesterday, and History Channel shows the documentary Ice Road Truckers.

“We have a strong line-up of compelling storytellers launching on the channel, and we will be showcasing this talent in a marketing campaign that shows the strength of the new channel to viewers,” said Simon Downing, VP, head of marketing communications at Discovery Networks UK.

Discovery History debuts on Sunday November 7 and is available on Sky channel 522 and Virgin channel 217.

Source: C21 Media



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