Remnants of Medieval City Gate Discovered in Pärnu

Remnants of Medieval City Gate Discovered in PärnuConstruction workers and archaeologists digging at the future site of Pärnu’s history museum have unearthed remnants of a city gate, thought to date from the 13th or 14th century.

The workers discovered the gate’s oak foundations and pillars, as well as a wooden walkway, during drainage works at the location.

In medieval times the gate would have been a vital city feature as the main artery for goods transported between the port to the city, Pärnu Museum director Aldur Vunk told Aktuaalne Kaamera.

The site was already under scrutiny by archaeologists because it contains the foundations of a historic grain warehouse. The archaeologists also knew of the gate’s existence, but were surprised at the remarkably well preserved condition of the remains.

Museum experts must now decide how best to exhibit the gate fragments to the public.

The new museum facility is slated to open in February 2012.

Source: ERR News



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