Russian and South Korean Archeologists Unearth Two Rooms of Palace of Balhae Kingdom

Russian and South Korean Archeologists Unearth Two Rooms of Palace of Balhae KingdomIn the course of excavations of an ancient site of Balhae Kingdom in Primorski Krai the international expedition of Russian and South Korean archeologists has found new proofs of the fact that it was a large-scale administrative centre with unique architecture.

The early feudal kingdom of Balhae existed from 698 to 926 AD in the territory of modern Primorski Krai (Russia), the Korean Peninsula and Manchuria.

The Russian-Korean archeological expedition started the excavationd on August, 14th in Chuguevka Settlement in Primorski Krai, on the territory of the ancient site of Balhae Kingdom of the 9th -11th centuries. For 50 days the scientists worked on an ancient Balhae palace which had been discovered in 2008. It was this find that gave the grounds to say that it was a site of a large administrative centre in the 9th -11th centuries.

Source: Russia IC



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