Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-09-12

  • R.I.P. 1201 – Constance, Duchess of Brittany #
  • Happy Birthday 1187 – Louis VIII of France #
  • R.I.P. 972 Pope John XIII #
  • Is the Warwick Castle haunted? #
  • 1191 – Third Crusade: Battle of Arsuf – Richard I of England defeats Saladin at Arsuf #
  • Finished recording the podcast last night. The editing will be finished tonight. #
  • R.I.P. 1151 – Geoffrey of Anjou #
  • For some reason the link did not work, it must be the ghosts @warwickcastle Let's try it again #
  • @Raypc800 Thanks for the support! I am off to the dungeon to start and finish the editing. in reply to Raypc800 #
  • 1331 – Stephen Uroš IV Dušan declares himself king of Serbia #
  • Happy Birthday 1207 – King Sancho II of Portugal #
  • Happy Birthday 1157 – King Richard I of England #
  • Happy Birthday 1271 – Charles Martel of Anjou, son of Charles II of Naples #
  • R.I.P. 701 – Pope Sergius I #
  • The new podcast has set sail. Join the treacherous pirate, Eustace the Monk on the high seas #
  • I have great memories of Bunratty Castle and cloudy memories of Durty Nelly's! Well worth the visit! @bunrattycastle #
  • 1000 – Naval Battle of Svolder, King Olaf of Norway v. King Olaf the Swede of Sweden and King Sven Forkbeard of Denmark #
  • 1379 – Treaty of Neuberg, splitting the Austrian Habsburg lands between the Habsburg Dukes Albert III and Leopold III #
  • @medievalist1 Congrats! Is it #1 Better crank out that manuscript, soon you will be elbow deep in diapers in reply to medievalist1 #
  • 1419 – John the Fearless, Duke of Burgundy is assassinated by adherents of the Dauphin (Charles VII of France) #
  • Happy Birthday 1487 – Giovanni Maria Ciocchi del Monte (Pope Julius III), Italian Roman Catholic Pope #
  • R.I.P. 954 – King Louis IV of France #
  • R.I.P. 1197 – Henry II of Champagne #
  • 1226 – The Roman Catholic practice of public adoration of the Blessed Sacrament outside of Mass spreads from monasteries to parishes #
  • 1185 Isaac II Angelus kills Stephanus Hagiochristophorites, a revolt deposes Andronicus I, Isaac takes the throne of the Byzantine Empire #
  • @misspmj did you get a chance to watch the final episodes #pillarsoftheearth in reply to misspmj #
  • 1390 – Lithuanian Civil War the Teutonic Knights begin a five-week siege of Vilnius. #
  • 1297 – Battle of Stirling Bridge: Scots jointly-led by William Wallace and Andrew Moray defeat the English #
  • R.I.P. 1279 – Robert Kilwardby, Archbishop of Canterbury #



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