Castle Warriors reviewLiving in the Middle Ages can’t have been much fun. Having to deal with pestilence and plague was bad enough, but there was also the ever-present threat of someone bashing down the door to your fortress and hanging you up by your nether regions.

It’s a reality that the people in Castle Warriors have to live with on a daily basis. The game is all about gaining control of a wide network of citadels dotted over a 3D landscape.

Your opponents are a band of particularly nasty Orcs hell-bent on subjugating the human population and employing them to perform menial tasks such as bottle-washing and cushion-plumping.

Achieving success on the battlefield is a question of numbers. Each of your castles contains a certain number of soldiers.

Before attacking an enemy fortress you should be sure that you have at least double the number of soldiers at your disposal; this is because whenever you issue an invasion force, it is always 50 per cent of the number of soldiers within that particular castle.

Your army is topped up periodically but reinforcements only arrive at your HQ, so they must be carefully deployed to castles which require their garrisons strengthening.

As the tide of battle turns in your favour you must diligently plan out a grand, multi-faceted attack which wipes out your opponent’s fortresses and sends them packing from the field of conflict. When you consider that your foe is also getting fresh troops and attempting to undermine your own network of citadels, that’s quite a challenge.

To make things even more demanding, you’re also up against the clock — you must achieve total domination of the map in a certain number of days. This limit lends Castle Warriors a sense of urgency and forces you to take risks in order to get the job done.

The game’s touch-screen interface is intuitive and straightforward, allowing you to move around the map and relocate troops with surprising ease.

Problems arise when there’s a lot of on-screen activity; sometimes your touch isn’t registered immediately and this can lead to incorrect commands.

The game also struggles on any Android device which doesn’t boast a nippy processor, so be warned.

Given that it’s been ported from an iPhone title it should come as no real shock to discover that Castle Warriors is in a different league to most Android games.

The visuals are excellent, as is the music. It’s unfortunate that there’s such a massive gulf between the quality of games on the Android and iPhone formats, but this release is a step in the right direction at least.

It’s not a perfect game by any means but Castle Warriors offers plenty of challenging strategy entertainment for portable commanders.

Control issues get in the way a little but they don’t ruin what is essentially a thoroughly involving and addictive experience.

Source: Know Your Mobile



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