Eel or pigeon pizzas to awaken medieval tastebuds

Eel or pigeon pizzas to awaken medieval tastebudsEnglish Heritage has joined forces with Pizza Hut to bring back the tastes of the middle ages in the form of medieval inspired pizza.

As part of a month celebrating medieval feasting at the Great Tower at Dover Castle this September, the leading restaurant chain has helped create medieval variations of three of their most popular pizzas with toppings including pigeon and eel.

The classic Hawaiian pizza swaps ham and pineapple for boar and fig to become Henry’s Hawaiian whilst the Dover Castle Meat Feast features mutton, goat and pigeon. And for those who favour the Seafood Lovers pizza there is the Dover Castle Fishy Surprise which replaces tomato sauce with a medieval green sauce topped off with eel.

“We wanted to give people the chance to taste some of the foods that would have been on the menu here 800 years ago,” said Debs Newman, Head of Visitor Operations at Dover Castle.

“But to encourage the public to sample unfamiliar tastes we have decided to serve them up in a more contemporary way – as pizza toppings. We’re hoping the dishes will tickle 21st century taste buds but also get people talking about how people lived and ate 800 years ago.”

The pizzas, which were created by Dover Castle with advice and guidance from Pizza Hut, use the restaurants’ traditional thin crust base. They will be sampled at the Castle on Tuesday September 7 and then the most popular variety will make it on to the castle menu for the rest of the month.

Source: Your Cantebury



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