North Clare dig unravels medieval mystery

North Clare dig unravels medieval mysteryOne of the mysteries of medieval Ireland is on the verge of being solved thanks to the latest in a series of excavations to take place at Caherconnell Stone Fort in Carron. Early results from a dig which concluded this week-end indicate that important local families continued to live in cashel type dwellings in Clare, long after they became unfashionable in other parts of the country.The finds also indicate that a high status family lived in the cashel in the 15th or 16th century, and that family probably had great wealth and power.“What we have found is relatively rare or possibly even unique in Ireland. In this excavation we have found relatively late use of the cashel which is unique in Irish archeology,” said Dr Michelle Comber of NUI, Galway.“This is hard evidence of Gaelic lords continuing to use their traditions forms of settlement.We are talking about a branch of the O’Loughlin family who would have lived here in Caherconnell. They would have worked the lands around the cashel and they would have ruled a sizable part of the Burren”, she explained.

Source: The Clare People



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