Medieval HD for iPad – First Look

Medieval HD for iPad – First LookIf you like castle defense games, then you certainly want to check out Medieval HD, which brings you an addictive gaming experience that takes you back to Medieval times.

After all the success (over 1 million downloads) with the iPhone game Medieval, Brisk Mobile is bringing a new experience to the iPad.

Medieval HD is an addictive game that highlights an ongoing war between rival empires. All empires are seeking to destroy others in a race toward dominance. Make sure that in every battle you can either reduce your enemy’s castle to rubble and destroy the opposing forces until they run out of resources.

Medieval HD comes with a wide array of options and weapons. You can buy and use flaming arrows, catapults, bombs, and horsemen. The game brings lots of options that allow you to tailor your forces to suit your personal style of warfare. Make sure you’re ready to out shoot and out last your enemies to claim victory. You will have to defend your castle with honor!

The games comes with beautiful graphics, landscapes and detailed castles. It has great animations like waterfalls and clouds slowly rolling by. The sound effects of battles are very good. Medieval HD has a clean interface and simple controls.

The game offers four game modes – Fast Fire, Easy, Medium, Hard. It has three different shooting modes – Auto Fire, Show Arc, Drag Fire. There are six different troop types including war machines like catapults and fast moving cavalry raiders. You will battle numerous enemies across nine stunning locations. In addition, will get to use unique weapons such as flaming arrows and multi-shots. The game also offers OpenFeint integration.

Make sure you’re ready to test your metal with this castle defense epic. If you’re not sure about the game, no problem, you can try the lite free version by clicking here. Medieval HD is available for download now for $2.99.

Medieval HD for iPad – screen shot 1Medieval HD for iPad – screen shot 2

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