Young castle visitors offered a taste of medieval justice

Young castle visitors offered a taste of medieval justiceChildren visiting Bolsover Castle next week are set to discover the gruesome facts about medieval justice and experience some of the horrific punishments that were meted out.

English Heritage owns the castle and its Time Travellers Go…Crime and Punishment week aims to give children the opportunity to participate in a mock trial and learn more about the period’s blood-curdling judicial sentences.

The event, which runs until Friday, will be led by medieval interpreter Paul Hamilton-Viall, who plays the role of the King’s Sheriff.

“In medieval Britain it was very much the punishment fits the crime,” he said.

“Minor or first time offences such as fraud or shoplifting could be punished with the stocks, whereas any theft over one shilling in value could result in being branded or even hanged.”

During the day, young people will learn about punishments including the stocks, branding, manacles and pillories. Normal admission charges apply plus £1 for each child taking part in the activities.

English Heritage said its summer holiday events at Bolsover Castle would culminate in a Clash of the Knights event on Sunday, August 29 and Bank Holiday Monday, August 30.

Organisers promised that the event would include dramatic battles between knights, with stunning displays of swordsmanship and medieval combat.

There will be archery displays and the opportunity to explore a knight’s encampment and see demonstrations of medieval make-up, cookery and camp life.

Castle visitor operations manager Andrea Hill said: “There will be plenty to keep children entertained.”

Source: Yorkshire Post



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