Monster dills and marvelous turkey legs! Bigger is better at the Michigan renaissance festival

Monster dills and marvelous turkey legs! Bigger is better at the Michigan renaissance festival.With the dog days of summer winding down, Michigan delivers with the annual Michigan Renaissance Festival held in Holly. For many, this event marks the end of the lazy days of summer. Enter the gates to Hollygrove, take a step back in time and visit the fascinating medieval era. Gaze at Queen Elizabeth and Her Majesty’s Royal Court as they stroll through the charming make believe city. Frolic with the fairies, enjoy the jousting knights and take in a lot of fun filled fantasy.

The festival offers many different tastes and traditions from the medieval era. The local merchants line the streets with their handcrafted artistry and unique mythical, magical trinkets to purchase. If you are looking for a fun-filled family activity that offers a bit of fitness, a bit of fun and a bit of imagination this is the place to be. Along with the extraordinary talent from many medieval participants that come from miles around for this event, the festival also offers a variety of medieval dishes, tastes and treats. If you are weight conscious and looking for a not so fattening treat, enjoy a crisp, tangy, tart giant dill pickle. One 4” long dill pickle contains a mere 16 calories. In this case, bigger is better! That tasty treat also contains calcium, vitamin A, vitamin C and iron. If you have a taste for a scrumptious roasted turkey leg, the renaissance festival boasts the best around. With just under 10 grams of fat, a roasted turkey leg contains approximately 208 calories and is loaded with 28 grams of protein.

If you’d rather participate in a game of skill and burn some calories, events offered include fencing competitions, dart throwing, sack fighting, middle eastern dance competition, rock climbing or just hoof it and tour Hollygrove, the marketplace and the many jaw dropping events on foot. This event will creatively ensure, with a little help from you, that you stick to your fitness regime for the remainder of the summer (

If it’s merriment you are looking for, Hollygrove aims to please. Why not open your mind, use your imagination and leave your troubles behind for awhile. Shine up your armor, grab your sword and your wench and come frolick with the fairies, sing and dance with the town jesters or simply sip a fruity cup of medieval Meade. Whatever your pleasure, this is the place to be. Hollygrove will please your palet, make you feel like a kid again and keep you entertained for hours.




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