European Medieval Festival in Horsens, Denmark

European Medieval Festival in Horsens, DenmarkEach year during the last weekend of August, the streets of Horsens resound with the bustle of the market, jolly cheers from street performers and the fascinating sounds of the shawm as the city opens its gates to the European Medieval Festival.

Knights raise their lances in real jousting tournaments in the arena, vendors offer medieval goods in market stalls, and in the streets pilgrims, whores and indulgence-sellers offer their counsel and services.

The food stalls are filled with suckling pig, smoked fresh cheese, sourbread and apple pie served on cabbage leaves. Your thirst is quenched with a mug of mead, beer or fresh juice. Sparks fly as the blacksmith hardens the edge of a new sword. The instrument builder tests the timbre of a hurdy-gurdy and the saltmen stoke the fires under the huge open salt pan. In an encampment, a squire polishes his knight’s armour while mercenaries train for battle in the combat arena.

When night falls over the festival, the night watchman lights hundreds of street torches and the stalls are lit by candles and fires.

Take a trip in time machine and see the Middle Ages for yourself at the European Medieval Festival.

Source: Middelalder Festival



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