Medieval Archives Podcast: Episode 02 – The Black Prince

Edward The Black Prince

In this episode of the Medieval Archives podcast we discuss Edward of Woodstock. Prince Edward, ‘The Black Prince” was the oldest son of King Edward III. He proved to be an exceptional military leader during the Hundred Years War. We discuss his personal life, his outstanding military career and the major campaigns he fought. We will also look at his influence in popular culture since his death.

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Items discussed:

Military Campaigns:

  • Battle of Crecy – 1346
  • Battle of Poitiers – 1356
  • Battle of Najera – 1367

Pop Culture



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  1. Kevin says:

    I’m wondering if you know that iTunes will allow you to follow the podcast, but it gets an error during the download attempt.

  2. Archivist says:

    The MP3 link will let you download the file. I was unable to download it from the iTunes app on the iPhone. I will look into the issue. Thanks for pointing it out.

  3. Archivist says:

    Episode 2 ‘The Black Prince’ is working again in iTunes. If there are any more problems please let me know. Thanks.