Book Release: The Sacred Stone by The Medieval Murderers

The Sacred StoneThe Medieval Murderers are back! once again the collective of historical novelists – Bernard Knight and Karen Maitland among them – have produced a series of five interlinking stories based on one theme.

Each story ends with an informative historical note, and some of the characters – Geoffrey Mappestone, William Falconer and Nick Revill – will be familiar from previous books by the authors. And while not the most challenging of books, it would be a great poolside read.

Book synopsis:
1067. In the desolate wastes of Greenland, a band of hunters discover a strangely-shaped meteor which has fallen from the sky. At first, the mysterious ‘sky-stone’ seems to bring good luck, healing a lame boy and guaranteeing a good catch of furs. But violence and murder soon follow in fortune’s wake as the villagers fight and struggle among themselves to get control of the precious stone. Over the next six hundred years, the Sky-Stone falls into the hands of crusading knights, the wicked Sheriff of Devon, a group of radical young kabalists, the dying King Henry III and a band of travelling players. Each time, the stone brings treachery, discord and violent death to those who seek to possess it.

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