Medieval skeleton found in Graz

main square in grazAncient bones have been discovered during construction work near Graz Castle.

Manfred Lehner of the Archaeological Institute at city’s university said today (Weds) the human remains were found by workers at a building site outside the castle walls yesterday.

The scientist explained: “The human skeleton could derive from medieval times – maybe from the 13th or 14th century. But it will take us some time to clarify any details.”

He added the plan was to carry out further diggings at the site under the supervision of experts to find out whether it revealed a mass grave.

It is not the first discovery of that kind, according to Christine Klug of the provincial government. She said: “There were similar finds when the Old University (of Graz) was renovated.”

Klug stressed the Styrian government was interested in a clarification of the background of any discoveries to document the province’s history.

Source: Austrian Independent



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