Rampant Griffin in Shishman’s Coat of Arms

Shishman Coat of ArmsThe medieval and even earlier archeological strata under the royal hills of Tsarevets and Trapezitsa, in the city of Veliko Tarnovo, the capital of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom, continue to surprise researchers with treasures.

“For three years of excavation works in the medieval monastery complex of Sts Peter and Paul in Veliko Tarnovo, archeologists have discovered 840 coins – of them nine are gold and 106 – silver. Besides, 24 silver and seven gold rings have been unearthed as well as 20 gold and 10 silver earrings,” reported yesterday archeologist, Prof Nikolay Ovcharov. From a scientific point of view the discovery of two earrings is especially significant – that of a golden man’s earring which dates back to the Bulgar period of the Bulgarian statehood and another golden earring with a doubleheaded eagle carved in as a token of royalty. Supposedly this second earring belonged to a woman from Shishman dynasty.

A silver ring with a rampant griffin engraved was also discovered. According to Associate Professor Hitko Vachev, the mythical creature was part of the coat of arms of Tsar Mikhail Shishman (1323-1330).

The medieval monastery complex, Sts Peter and Paul in Veliko Tarnovo will be integrated in contemporary environment through a project at the cost of 6 million levs (1euro = 1.95 levs).

Source: Standart News



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