Pillars of the Earth: The Countdown

Pillars of the Earth series
The starz original series The Pillars of the Earth starts Friday 23 July 2010.  It will air at 2200ET on the Starz movie channel in the USA and on The Movie Channel in Canada.  Pillars of the Earth will air this fall in the United Kingdom on BBC Channel 4.

Since I do not subscribe to the Starz movie channel I will have to wait until the DVD release to see the series. I certainly hope they get it on DVD before the end of the year. Or perhaps Netflix will have it available for instant streaming.

The new trailer is available below…




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Comments 2

  1. Fran Verlangieri says:

    Did I miss the two-hour finale? If so, why
    can’t I get it on demand? I saw the entire
    series and I want to see how it ends.

  2. Archivist says:


    The series finale was on a couple of weeks ago. I know it is available on Netflix instant streaming and DirecTV on demand, if you subscribe to Starz. I do not know what the availability is if you have a different cable/satellite service.