*Archivist Note: I’m not entirely sure this is going to be a good movie. But I am intrigued by the trailer. You can’t really go wrong with Vikings, axes, blood and guts! I will be catching this if it ever comes to a theater near me. Warning: The trailer contains scenes of graphic violence and gore. It is not suitable for viewing at work. You may want to keep the kids away too.

Valhalla Rising movieIFC Films has unveiled a new trailer for the macabre Viking tale Valhalla Rising before its release in the states this month, and it definitely looks to be a gruesome scenic affair.

Valhalla Rising stars Mads Mikkelsen (the blood-crying villain from Casino Royale) as One-Eye, “a mute warrior of supernatural strength… forced to fight for his life and the amusement of his pagan slavers.” One-Eye manages to escape via the help of a young boy and eventually falls in with a band of Vikings as he is forced to “confront terrible fate in the quest for [his] freedom.”

Director Nicolas Winding Refn — best know for gritty, violent material like Bronson and The Pusher Trilogy — recently made headlines when he declared his personal interest in helming a Wonder Woman movie. Based off the footage in this trailer for his new film, Refn would certainly bring an eye for dark, uncouth visuals to that project — should he be given the opportunity, that is.




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