Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-07-05

  • 1149 – Raymond of Poitiers is defeated and killed at the Battle of Inab by Nur ad-Din Zangi #
  • R.I.P. 1252 – King Abel of Denmark #
  • 1194 – Sverre is crowned King of Norway #
  • Happy Birthday 1397 – King John II of Aragon #
  • 1422 – Battle of Arbedo between the duke of Milan and the Swiss cantons. #
  • Podcast is recorded and parts re-recorded. Editing is now my nemesis!! #
  • Happy Birthday 1470 – King Charles VIII of France #
  • Happy Birthday 1286 – John de Warenne, 8th Earl of Surrey, English politician #
  • @Raypc800 thanks Ray. Everything should be complete tonight and I can push this thing out the door! in reply to Raypc800 #
  • 1097 – Battle of Dorylaeum: Crusaders under Bohemond of Taranto defeat a Seljuk army under Qilich Arslan I #
  • Happy Birthday 1481 – King Christian II of Denmark, Sweden and Norway #
  • R.I.P. 1109 – King Alfonso VI of Castile #
  • 1298 – The Battle of Göllheim is fought between Albert I of Habsburg and Adolf of Nassau-Weilburg #
  • R.I.P. 1298 – Adolf of Nassau, King of Germany killed during The Battle of Göllheim #
  • Sterling, New York Renaissance Festival opens tomorrow. Get your tickets now! #
  • Podcast update: The first podcast has dropped!! Pick it up, tell your friends! #
  • R.I.P. 965 – Pope Benedict V #
  • 993 – Saint Ulrich of Augsburg is canonized #
  • Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness. Amen, brother. Happy 4th!! #
  • 1120 – Jordan II of Capua is anointed as prince after his infant nephew's death #



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