700th anniversary of Richard de Pottesgrave

Many people turned out for a medieval weekend held to mark the 700th anniversary of Richard de Pottesgrave at St Andrew’s Church in Heckington.

Richard de Pottesgrave, originally of Byfleet, was appointed as last rector of Heckington in 1309 by King Edward II. It was in this time that Richard rebuilt the chancel, adding to the beauty of this quaint church.

The two days of events included a flower display, medieval fair in the churchyard, a performance by Heckington Players called the Queen Of The Fens, a Festival Songs Of Praise and much more.

Gill Bland, secretary of the Pottesgrave Committee, hailed the day a success.

She said: “We didn’t count how many people attended the events, but we certainly had a full house.

“The festival was not held to make money but to celebrate the 700th anniversary.

“We are very appreciative of those who made donations and helped to make the day a success.”

Children from the St Andrew’s Church Of England Primary School also marked the anniversary by taking part in a football match using a pig’s bladder.

However, it was not just the church itself which played a part in the celebrations.

Local artist Sue Banks also joined in the festivities by drawing medieval proverbs, the village baker was baking flatbread and the local pub laid on a medieval menu.

There was also a chance to make candles, see birds of prey and see inside the wonderful world of medieval apothecaries.



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